Unsure which type of crane hire terms are most suitable for you? Review the information below to find out who is responsible for what under the different terms of contract.

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HIRED CRANE (Hired & Managed)
Hirer Responsibilities:
  • Carry out all work in accordance with BS7121
  • Supply the Appointed Person
  • Plan the Lift and operate a safe system of work
  • Ensure that the crane hired is of a suitable type and capacity
  • Check the credentials of the hire company and certification supplied
Crane Owner Responsibilities:
  • Provide a crane that is properly maintained, tested and certified
  • Provide a competent driver


CONTRACT LIFT (Fully Contracted)
Hirer Responsibilities:
  • Specify that all work is carried out in accordance with BS7121
  • Specify that the contractor is to supply the Appointed Person
  • Specify what information and/or services will be provided to the hire company by the hirer
Crane Owner Responsibilities:
  • Supplying the Appointed Person
  • Planning the lift and operation of a safe system of work
  • Organisation and control of the lifting operation